/Struggling with the Fourth Trimester

Struggling with the Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester. Have you heard of it? It’s essentially the first 3 months of your baby’s life, starting from the moment he or she is born. For me, I don’t really remember much about the fourth trimester with Joey, Anthony, or Lily. But as for Michael? I can tell you his fourth trimester will be one I NEVER forget.

Camp Nana
Hey Michael, Michael! The light of our lives right now…

Let me start off by saying Michael is the sweetest, cuddliest, chubbiest baby out of all 4 of my children [when they were in the baby stage]. I think God was giving me some grace with him. Because life since his birth has been nothing short of sink-or-swim, I love my life, someone hold me tight kind of moments. Yep, the struggle with the fourth trimester is real. It can be REALLY great. And really bad.

My new mantra to finish out the fourth trimester. Heck, Michael’s first year of life. Because let’s face it: the first year can be really, really tough.

By bad all I can tell is that from high blood pressure, panic attacks and postpartum depression, lack of sleep, gastroenteritis, and a UTI [maybe that’s TMI- but you guys know me for being Ms. Blabby], I’ve been struggling. But here’s where the good news comes in. The really good that’s been getting me through these tough times:

1. Michael. I can’t tell you enough what a sweetheart he is. So, I’ll stop bragging and you can just come over and see for yourself!

Mom might look and feel like a mess, but Michael could care less!

2. Ted. From every trip to the ER to trying to help me find my calm and to me even slacking on his birthday, Ted’s been there from day one, being my biggest cheerleader and wanting what’s best for me and the kids. Even if I’m screaming like a crazy lady.

Human Interest
While Mom is getting extra rest at home, Dad takes the 4 kids to Costco. What a guy!

3. My Family. The toddlers don’t really count here, because, well, they are toddlers [and preschoolers]. They’ve been great at going with the flow and giving Mom lots of hugs and kisses. But as for my parents and Ted’s parents, I don’t know what we would be doing without them. Camp Nana has a good ring to it, right?!

Camp Nana: Just look at those cute beds. What kiddo wouldn’t want to sleep in them?!

2 peas in a pod, Michael and Papa [Ted’s Dad].

4. My Friends. From treats of essential oils, a good cry, or a coffee at the gym vs. a workout, my friends have been a great support system. I find that while there’s plenty of judgment in the mom world, there’s always plenty of good people who have been through similar situations or something far worse.

A friend shared this quote with me, and let me tell you, it’s staying on my camera roll and for good reason. Give it a read!

5. Self-Care for Me. I’ve stopped breastfeeding. I’ve started working out again. And I’m trying to get to bed earlier. Why? Because those are all things that are making me feel like myself again. And remember folks, if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

If I’m forgetting someone blame the meds [just kidding- sort of]. And if you’re in the same boat as me, let’s just keep swimming until we get through the fourth trimester.

Tell me: What’s helped you get through a rough fourth trimester? Or first year with baby!?