/Meal Planning 3.0

Meal Planning 3.0



As a post-baby followup to my meal planning posts, I wanted to write a little about what I’ve been doing to keep the fresh food flowing. Here are some of the ways we’re getting our food on the table.



Prepping Lots of Veggies

I’ve gotten back into the prep day a bit after realizing how lovely it is to have cooked veggies in the fridge during the winter when I’m craving less salad. I’ve been making a massaged kale salad with lacinato kale (my new fav) and roasting up a few sheet pans of veggies and sweet potatoes to pair with Plenty dishes (see below) or have on the side of a sandwich or salad for lunch. Favorite: roasted bell peppers!


Using The Instant Pot For Staples

I’m also trying to get some use out of the Instant Pot and making either egg salad, hard-boiled eggs, baked sweet potatoes or mac and cheese once a week. This doesn’t always happen on a prep day, but when I do make it, it lasts a while. I also always make 2-serving smoothies these days and have one for breakfast and the other for snack or breakfast the next day. Might as well blend once, eat twice! Same goes for oatmeal – I always make extra portions now to reheat the next day.

The “egg loaf” made in the Instapot makes the fluffiest egg salad!

Food and drink

Using Plenty For Weeknights and Lunches

I’ve written about Plenty several times on the blog, but we have LOVED the personal chef service! It’s surprisingly affordable – a one-time $50 cost to cover glass Pyrex containers and then an a la carte menu each week. I love that you don’t have to commit to a certain amount of food. We’ve been spending $50-100 a week on 1-2 entrees and some staples like quiche or soup. Naturally our grocery bill has gone down, so it balances out. The meals are SO GOOD and very healthy, real food-based too. It’s been so, so nice to have things like made-from-scratch meatballs with pesto or ramen soup to have on hand. The quiches are my favorite because I can eat them anytime!

fresh food

Saving Fancier Recipes For The Weekends

On Saturdays and Sundays we’ve been planning longer recipes. Maybe a special steak from the freezer or a smoked meat on the Big Green Egg. Or grilled pizzas! It makes the weekend feel extra special to plan something nicer, and it’s always good to have more hands on deck and the whole day to prep. I also realized that it’s convenient to do some prep day work during happy hour on Saturday when I have a glass of wine in hand and Mazen is often with Matt. Saturday happy hour is the new Sunday afternoon : )

Hospitality Recreation

Ordering Meat Through Butcherbox

To fuel those special weekend meals, we’ve been relying on Butcherbox for our grass-fed products, wild salmon, and the like. I love that our box has staples like chicken breast, special steaks that we might not otherwise buy, and larger cuts of meats that Thomas loves to smoke. Plus wild salmon!

Human behavior

Going On One Quick Grocery Trip Every Saturday

And since we’re using Butcherbox and Plenty for the bulk of meals, our grocery store visits are usually very quick. The list usually says: Milk, coffee, yogurt, eggs, fruit and a ton of veggies.

Instant Pot egg salad on prepped kale salad!


Obviously we are not meal planning all-stars over here, but we are doing our best navigating life with our two kiddos and busy weeks.

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