/Minimalist Pots For House Plants

Minimalist Pots For House Plants


I hope the sun is out where ever you are! Because dem plants need it.

Thomas LOVES house plants. When I met him, he had this whole corner of his house packed with them. To be honest, house plants have always made me feel cluttered. While I love a big fiddle leaf fig filling out an empty corner, smaller plants in colorful pots just catch my eye in a not-so-good way. I get that they are great for air quality and people find them soothing – but I just couldn’t get over the cluttered look. UNTIL we agreed to get some minimalist, matching pots. All white. All modern. And all cool! The geometric Bennie is my favorite. Now I love the window plants in the basement! (We also considered these rounded ones, these marble ones, and this standing one. Anything but terra cotta!)



Floor Pots

We got this double decker pot in the background as a Christmas gift last year. I love the spike plant Thomas chose, as it has a modern feel. And the bigger floor pot was a purchase from a local store.


This pot was a wedding gift from my sister. The white and gray pattern and wooden base. It matches our decor perfectly.


Plant Food

I ordered some vanilla plant-based protein powder made with pea, rice, and cranberry (!?) protein from my friend Brett’s Arbonne business, and it’s really good! I always prefer vanilla to chocolate, and anything to make my smoothies more like vanilla cake and marshmallows. Those are some Cinnamon Puffins on top! The smoothie base is peanut butter + banana + milk + oats + vanilla protein.


Outside Plants

Some of our warmer weather days recently meant some stroller walks with friends. Birch and Fern are growing like weeds!

Hospitality Recreation

I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING, says everyone this time of year. Especially with a little baby who I don’t want to take to indoor germy places. Getting fresh air is so nice for the both of us.


We’ll be planting soon!

Human Interest

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