How to Colour Coordinate Your Home – The Trend Spotter

Trend Spotter: Decorating with Dusty Pink

How to Colour Coordinate Your Home - The Trend Spotter

You might have noticed it because it’s taking over Pinterest. People are putting away the blues and the greens, opting for dusty pink in their place. Whether it’s a super big change painting a room or subtle pink touches, it’s definitely a trend pink lovers myself approve of. If you need some convincing, take a look at these 15 ways you can incorporate dusty pink into your home.

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I have to say I’ve been seriously considering this big change. Dusty pink painted rooms are so chic and feminine. The soft shade just invites you to play with colors and get away from the matchy matchy. Grays are a good pair but just about any other soft shades will do.

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Without a doubt, curtains just make a room. So when your walls are white or cream, adding those soft pink curtains is a great way to add color without being too noisy. They look even better when they’re long enough to puddle a bit on the floor. So very French Rustic in style. (via Vtwonen)

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Take the pink into the bedroom and swap your current duvet for a simple dusty pink linen one. It will add a soft feel to the room and is neutral enough to keep open your throw pillow possibilities. How can you say no to that? (via Inside Out)

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Can I just say that I love this room? It looks it should be in a French cottage and that dusty pink linen closet only adds to the effect. Do you have a piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to paint? Consider painting it that soft pink for a feminine touch without going overboard. (via House)

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Kitchens can be a hard place to change colors, but here’s an easy suggestion. Find yourself some dusty pink dishes to eat off of every day. They’ll look great among the other colors on your open shelving and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference they will make. (via Decor8)

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Fancy headboards are a must nowadays, so whether you paint it, reupholster it or completely buy a new one, think pink! Just the duvet, it won’t inhibit your decorating abilities you might think. In fact it will add another dimension to your bedroom altogether. (via Honestly WTF)

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Are you still a little wary about the whole dusty pink thing? Try adding a piece of art or two that shows off the color. You can incorporate it into your gallery wall or fill a blank space. Then when you’ve officially fallen in love, you can think about adding more pink to your decor. (via Pink Tufted Chair)

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Everyone says that when you buy a new couch, buy one you love in a neutral color. But I say that dusty pink is the new neutral so if you love a pink couch, then you go ahead and buy a pink couch! I promise you can still use whatever color pillows you already own. (via Design Opium)

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While I’m still obsessing about the dusty pink duvet, have you thought about dusty pink sheets? They’ll give your bedroom a secret hint of luxury under the duvet you already have. Make sure you get a good thread count so the color matches the feel. (via Oliver Gustav)

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Did you know that Le Creuset came in dusty pink? Yeah, that totally just went on my wist list. And buying enough of these little crocks so everyone can have a little bit of pink at dinner is a brilliant idea. They’ll match any other dishes you have. (via Flickr)

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We can’t leave your vanity the dusty pink picture. Buy or make a pretty little pink ring dish that will hold all your treasured jewelry and bring that hint of womanly tenderness to your mornings. (via Decor8)

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Don’t forget the bathroom! Dusty pink goes perfectly with marble, don’t you think? Add some gray towels and a vaseful of peonies and you have yourself a spa- bathroom that you’ll never want to leave. I hope you have a bathtub for soaking in there. (via Lovely Life)

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For some people, when it comes to pink, it’s all about the accents. A pink print here, a pink chair there, a pink accent wall where you wouldn’t expect it. Embrace the soft shade and find the places that make it work for you without making your home look too vintage.

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Everybody knows that dusty shades go better together. Liven up your dusty pink accents with some dusty purple, dusty blue and a pale gray. Everyone will wonder why they didn’t think of it first. Don’t forget your pops of metallic for that sparkle and shine! (via Style Me Pretty)

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A dusty pink building? Why not! If you can upgrade the exterior of your home, consider adding some of our favorite color. Whether it’s painting the entire thing this one, or just adding some dusty pink shutters, it will go over well in the neighborhood. (via Flickr)


What Colour Shirt Goes With Grey Shorts

How to Colour Coordinate Your Home - The Trend Spotter

5 Basic Color Coordination Rules … What color shirt goes with these pants? These confusing, colorful questions burden every man, everywhere. … gray works well with almost any color out there …

What Shirts to Wear with a Grey Suit. When dressing for a formal occasion or evening event, a black shirt will create a sharp look. For a clean and classic style, a white shirt is the best option. A light blue shirt will create a light and preppy style that's perfect for daytime looks and summer styles.

Hang your shirt against a blank white wall and walk to the other side of the room. Does its hue read blue? More red / pink? Neutral? Base the rest of your selections on how the shirt reads. Khaki chinos, gray trousers, and dark denim are safe bets, no matter the color of your shirt or shoes. How To Match Clothes: Quick And Easy Color …

Find and save ideas about Gray skirt outfits on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Michael kors skirts, Grey pencil skirt and Teen skirts outfits.

The black shirt will not give as much of a contrast as the white shirt paired with grey will do. The look is subtle, yet you'll stand out in your black shirt. Grey 100% Wool Suit, Black Shirt. If you want to go for the look mentioned in the bullet point above, but you're not comfortable wearing a black shirt: go for a navy blue shirt.

White, black, and grey are neutral colors (and are very important for properly coordinating clothing). When a color is tinted that means that it's getting lighter (has white added to it) and when it is a shade it is getting darker (has black added to it). Tones in a color are created by adding grey.

Absolutely everything goes with a white shirt, and most footwear seems to work with a black shirt. However, when it comes to that middle ground, the gray shirt, deciding what color shoes to pair with your top may leave you feeling a bit unsure. This neutral top color pairs well with nearly anything.

Any lighter shades – blues, peach, beige, yellow will also go well on dark grey. If you are wearing a tie, then experiment with a strong color with a white shirt over grey pants. Wear grey jeans with cream, white or cognac for an all-neutrals look. You may also wear grey jeans with similar shades of grey for a monochromatic look.

What Color Clothes Go With Gray? … For a casual vibe, a gray tank top or T-shirt can work well with black jeans or shorts. White clothing can also complement gray pieces — wear a silky white blouse with your gray pencil skirt or a white tunic top with gray skinny jeans. … What Do Gray Shoes …

A dark or dusty shade of red will work best in terms of shorts so team them up with a blue Oxford shirt and a grey cardigan. If it's too hot to wear just let it rest on your shoulders and let your sunglasses hang on the top button. A pair of brown loafers will complete the look. Red dress shorts will also go really well with a shirt and blazer …

Find and save ideas about Gray shorts outfit on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Classy shorts outfits, T shirt and shorts and Casual summer outfits comfy. … T shirt and shorts and Casual summer outfits comfy. … LOLO Moda: Gray shorts, color top I haven't lost my mind, I would do longer …



How to Colour Coordinate Your Home - The Trend Spotter

A fashion runway trend for years, color blocking, or the art of mixing solid hues together, is now popping up in contemporary interior design in a number of creative ways.  From making a bold statement to adding bright pops of color, creating a well-balanced, colorful look can be tricky.

To help design enthusiasts navigate this popular design trend, Silestone, the leading manufacturer of natural quartz surfacing known for its stunning color selection, asked Dallas-based designer Abbe Fenimore, founder of Studio Ten 25 and a Silestone Trendspotter, to share her top color blocking combos and expert tips on how to utilize the technique for any room of the home.

“Adding color blocking into your home is simple,” Fenimore said. “If being bold overwhelms you, there are a number of ways to incorporate the concept without taking over the space. Most people tend to use color blocking in a room as a bold statement, but I also love the look when it is used in a simple and stylish way. ”

The following are Fenimore’s top three tips for being confident when color blocking.

Tip #1 – Use Your Color Wheel

Fenimore suggests finding a color combination by using complementary colors, which are located across from each other on a color wheel; or analogous colors, which are located next to each other on the wheel.  Her favorite combos include black and blue, pinks and orange, grey and white, and purple and orange.

For homeowners looking to incorporate color blocking in the kitchen and bath, Fenimore suggests the following Silestone hues for her favorite color combinations: Black & Blue: Black Tao, Stellar Marine; Pink & Orange: Magenta Energy, Orange Fuego; Grey & White: Lagoon, Kensho; Purple & Orange: Black Anubis, Azul Enjoy.

“You can always block three or more colors,” Fenimore said. “Start with two and if you the way it accentuates your room, go for a third.”

Tip #2 Layer In Color

If large swaths of bold color seems overwhelming, Fenimore suggests considering a neutral palette for the larger items in the room, the surfaces and furnishings, and adding color using accent pieces.

“Layering the room with colorful art or a rug can also help tie your look together,” Fenimore said. “Pillows are always a great way to work in the color-blocking look, they come in many bold colors and a variety of textures create a sophisticated look that’s easy to change out.”

Tip #3 Mix In a Pattern

While color blocking solid colors, Fenimore suggests adding a more sophisticated look by incorporating colorful patterns. In the kitchen or bath, consider a bold countertop hue that coordinates with a patterned back splash.

“Mixing in stripes or graphic patterns can take the look to the next level easily too,” Fenimore said. “Just be careful not to be all over the place with your stripes and patterns. The more pattern you want to use in a room design, the more subtle the color combinations should be.”

As a Silestone Trendspotter, Fenimore recently took her eye for design to one of the nation’s top design shows, Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, where she spent two days looking for the latest and greatest in contemporary design trends. She will be presenting her top finds later this summer at the Dallas Cosentino Center. For more information her trend report or the 2013 Silestone Trendspotters, visit:


The high points of High Point; Furniture: The annual show featured a supermodel, designs for the cocoon office and the look of wealth

How to Colour Coordinate Your Home - The Trend Spotter

HIGH POINT, N.C. — The stars at the recent International Home Furnishings Market were a supermodel, a super prognosticator and a fellow who's super rich. Oh, yes, and a familiar kitchen countertop material, but we'll get to that later.

Vanguard Furniture debuted its new line of furniture designed with the help of model Kathy Ireland. Hooker Furniture unveiled office furniture for women that bears the name of trend spotter Faith Popcorn, and Harden introduced publisher and collector Christopher Forbes along with a line bearing the Forbes' family name.

Ireland, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Kmart clothing partner, drew the largest crowds at the wholesale market, which attracts 75,000 exhibitors and retailers to High Point twice a year.

Inside the furniture industry, the buzz is about growing online sales. Manufacturers and retailers a are unsure what the Internet will mean to their future. The exhibitors felt more confident offering a glimpse at what consumers can expect to find in showrooms next spring.

Look for bronzes and golds, highlighted by subtle greens and crimsons. Fabrics have a washed tapestry look, even on contemporary designs, giving upholstered pieces a comfortable, lived-in look. Leather continues to be popular, and the hot accent color is red.

Ireland's new line for Vanguard, a Hickory, N.C., company, was a bit of a surprise. It featured soft finishes and friendly fabrics on pieces large enough to welcome lounging.

Vanguard calls it European casual with a hint of Santa Barbara, Ireland's hometown.

It's not dainty or trendy, and some pieces — an iron and glass cocktail table, for instance — are amazingly masculine.

Shelby Pulino-Pigot, Vanguard's vice president for merchandising, said Ireland announced early during the two-year development process that she didn't want men to be uncomfortable with the furniture line, so that was a constant goal.

The collection includes six upholstery settings, two master bedroom looks, two dining room styles and two children's bedroom groups. Upholstery includes lots of washed damasks and chenilles in soft golds, cranberry and green, reflecting a trend in other showrooms. Solid colors were kid-friendly taupe and mushroom.

An unusual iron settee was modeled after a turn-of-the-century English piece. Ireland said her favorite piece was an armoire in a golden-white crackle finish with painted floral detailing.

“What I want to do is take the fear furniture,” Ireland said, “to make it easy, so it can actually be fun.”

Futurist and author Faith Popcorn coined the word cocooning, and her office furniture for Hooker has been dubbed the “Home Office Cocoon.”

It consists of two groups, contemporary and traditional, both designed to appeal to women who work at home.

The number of at-home workers has increased by 100 percent in the past five years, to 10.5 million, Popcorn said, and should double again by 2005. And women are leaving corporate America and starting businesses at twice the rate of men.

“A lot of females run companies from their homes, because they want to be with their kids,” Popcorn said. “We did a lot of research, and all the women we visited had pictures of their kids on their desks, and all had flowers on their desks.”

In the new collection for Hooker, a Martinsville, Va., company, desks feature a built-in flower vase, which fits into a grommet with a cover that can be closed when the vase isn't in use.

The traditional group, or “La Cocoon,” is French country style and built of maple solids and cherry veneers. It comes in two distressed finishes, antique cherry and antique buttermilk. “Satellite,” the contemporary collection, features crisp lines and soft rounded shapes. Finishes are honey-wheat over clear maple and a dark finish with a hint of cranberry.

Work stations in both groups include locking compartments for purses and other personal items, jewelry trays in desk drawers and slide-out coffee cup holders.

Until High Point, Christopher “Kip” Forbes hadn't seen the new collection from Harden Furniture, original pieces in his family's homes in France and England.

“It's fabulous,” said Forbes, vice chairman of Forbes Inc.

Greg Harden, chief executive officer of the McConnellsville, N.Y., company, said Harden adapted the 30 new pieces from the originals in the 17th-century houses, rather than just reproducing them.

Forbes said one piece — an armoire, an antique in the Forbes family's chateau in Normandy — was even better than the original. He said all the pieces would look at home in Forbes magazine's New York headquarters.

The armoire is in solid cherry with a clear finish, with hand-carved posts and an arch over the doors. A matching bed in the Empire style features pomegranate finials. There also are several occasional tables with marquetry tops, inspired by the floors in the chateau.

A leather sofa, with tall turned legs and clean lines, reflects the passion that Malcolm Forbes, Christopher's father and the founder of the business magazine that bears the family name, had for motorcycles and black leather.

Three companies — Pennsylvania House, Gear and DuPont Corian — pooled their efforts to produce a mix-and-match collection called “Seasonings.”

A customer will be able to walk into a Pennsylvania House furniture showroom and personalize her furniture by choosing among design, color and finish options — including Corian solid-surface countertop material for 10 of the 25 pieces in the collection.

The have-it-your-way idea is not new for Pennsylvania House, but the partnership expands the concept. Gear Holdings has experience marketing coordinated collections for the home, and Corian is such a familiar name that it has become almost synonymous with solid-surface countertops.

The collection features dining furniture — both tables and chairs — along with accent pieces such as bistro tables and kitchen islands. A customer can select one of six Corian colors for the tops of the bistro tables and islands. And, for a bit more, she can choose among the other 66 Corian colors to coordinate with her existing countertops.

Because of today's open home designs, in which the kitchen is open to the great room and even the dining room, cabinetry is coming to look more and more furniture. Pennsylvania House and its partners take that a logical step further, and offer consumers furniture with durable and popular Corian countertop material.


How to Colour Coordinate Your Home - The Trend Spotter

Due to its international acclaim, Milan Design Week is the best event where to spot the latest news and trends in interior and design.

We spent the whole week in Milan for the design week of April 2019, visiting all the top locations and the Salone fair and we are ready to give you now a roundup of the top colours that will rock next year in interiors and design. Please note that this is a very partial report, as the full one is part of our new Trendbook: N/T 2 is an ebook with the top Trends for 2020 from Milan, that you can find here.

I love to observe how the colour trends that we see are always the consequence of bigger trends, which are generated by macro changes in our society, interest, behaviours.

As a consequence, they are reflected into new shapes, new colours, new finishes, in the interiors and design.

This research is part of our new Trendbook and new trend Webinar that you can find here, where every single colour is part of a more consistent palette, each one referring and explaining the main macro trends happening now in interiros and design. 

But first, enjoy today this roundup of inspiring new colours as seen at the last Milan Design Week 2019. Be inspired and go back also to the past year’s reports below to enjoy more inspiration.

 Interior + Design Trends 2020:

Know more about the Trend Webinar and Trend Book here

2020 color | #1 champagne

Glas italia


Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen

CC Tapis

2020 color trend | #2 lemon yellow

Vitra – ph Eduardo Perez

Normann Copenaghen



Planetario by Cristina Celestino

Louis Vuitton, Objets Nomades

2020 color trend | #3 pumpkin red

Elle Decor at Work


Bla station



2020 color trend | #5 sky blue

Masquespacio x Poggi Ugo

Palermouno, ph Davide Buscaglia

N/T # 2 – the eBook about News and Trends from Milan Design Week 2019 to last in 2020.

Here you will find the complete report from Milan Design Week, including the top colors + other trends for 2020 divided into themes/patterns/shapes.

In addition to this, the eBook features interviews to top international designers and several other contents, totally independent and non-sponsored

Grab your copy here !

from Milan Design Week 2018

The top colors for 2019 spotted at Milan Design Week 2018 are:

  1.   Gen-Z yellow: a vivid yellow that was one of the main colors of several settings in Milan, starting from Vitra Typecasting to Mindcraft, to name a few.
  2. International klein blue: a deep and bold hue of blue, an everlasting color which this year was really popular in several new designs presented at Milan Design Week (see gallery below)
  3. Mango: a new color spotted this year in several settings (for example, tehre was a beautiful corner by Vitra in this color). It is a bright and warm hue of orange
  4. Red: this was another protagonist of this edition of Milan Design Week. From the bold primary red, to darker reds to burgundy

Talking then about pastel hues, referring to a neo-retro mood, they included:

  1. Millennial pink: still here and almost everywhere in Milan, but as it was really too much about pink I’m quite sure it already had its moment this year. Much more interesting than pink, very soft hues of nude and peach, chosen by several designers in Milan in place of total white and neutrals
  2. Light green: also defined neo-mint , looks that this pastel hue of green will be the top trending color for 2020 

||  Remember I already forecasted about neo-mint in this post THE NEW GREENS ?

What about the Pantone 2018 ultraviolet?

That was used just in a few spots, but that were quite interesting ones (such as the Gufram installation, the Dimorestudio Limited edition launch, the Moroso stand at Salone) to make me think we are going to see again more violets. Maybe not exactly the ultra violet one, but lilac and fucsia for sure.

Enjoy now our gallery of the color trends for 2019 as seen at Milan Design Week :

2019 color | #1 gen-z yellow

1.Mindcraft, ph   2. Vitra Typecasting, ph   3. Svedish Design Moves, ph Mattia Buffoli 4. Gufram 5. Moroso

2019 color | #2 neo-mint

1.Studiopepe, ph Andrea Ferrari; 2.Marcante-Testa per SEM (Spotti Edizioni Millano)Spotti Edizioni Milano; 3-5. Kartell; 6. Hawa Beirut

2019 color | #3 IKB

1.Marni; 2. Vitra ph   ; 3. Sunbrella; 4. Anton Alvarez  ; 5. Ingo Maurer; 6. Studiopepe, ph Giuseppe Dinella; 7. Daniel+Emma; 8. Magis

2019 color | #4 mango

1.Vitra, ph Eduardo Perez ; 2. Dutch invertuals


from Milan Design Week 2017

The big trend is to go more and more towards bright and strong shades. This return to color goes together with a return to the Eighties and its strong design and colour (…). here my notes:

  1. In Milan here was pink everywhere, as already noticed in Maison et Objet here, especially in the barbie- pink and in the “millennial pink“.
  2. Primary colors come back, especially red, the yellow (yes the Minion one), the blue (the klein blue).
  3. Then there are all the warm and earthy tones  I already talked about here, but becoming brighter: from orange, a color I personally dis but that I’ve seen a lot and that was incorporated in really nice ways ; burgundy red, that reminds me about Pantone Marsala – color of the year 2015.
  4. Loved the violet and dark turquoise match, which I have noticed several times: looks we will see a lot of violet&purple in next times, right?  [ indeed, several months later than this post Pantone announced then Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet ]
  5. Lots of green as well, although the trend is to go from the dark and desaturated shades that we’ve seen a lot last year (remember here?) to more natural and vitaminic hues: there was no Pantone 2017 Greenery in Milan, but new interesting shades of sage, celery and avocado greens. Love them!

What are your thoughts on this? What is your favourite color proposal from Milan Design Week 2017?

2018 color | #1 millennial pink

1 | Rhié – 2 | Yabu Pushelberg – 3 | casa facile Lab – 4 | Cassina 9.0 – 5 | Sharon Radisch – 6 | Moça table, Pedro Paulo Venzon – 7 | La Refuge, Marc Lagrange

2018 color | #2 curcuma & mustard yellow

1, 2 , 3 | via – 4 | Jonas Wagell for Tacchini – 5 | MM Lampadari

 1 | Fritz hansen – 2 | cassina 9.0 – 3 | DIMORE STUDIO – 4 |  Studiopepe

2018 color | #8 burgundy red

1 | Tangent floor lamp,  Jenkins&Uhnger – 2 | DIMORE STUDIO – 3, 4 | FÄRG & BLANCHE – 5 | Salvatori at Home – 6 |  Bolon by Jean Nouvel  – 7 | Swedish Design Goes Milan – 8 | Patricia Urquiola for CC Tapis

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