Do You Need A Stud To Hang A Curtain Rod?

Can you hang something without a stud?

Hollow-Wall Anchors: How to Hang Something on the Wall Without a Stud.

Unfortunately, studs are seldom, if ever, positioned exactly where you need them, but that’s okay.

In most situations you can use a hollow-wall anchor, which is designed to attach to the wall in the hollow spaces between the studs..

Can you hang curtain rods with Command Strips?

A few simple steps will have curtains hung in no time! Use command hooks and a curtain rod with a heavy load capacity. Take a square piece of paper or cardboard and cut out a corner to match the corner of the window. … Wait thirty minutes for the command hook to become secure and hang your curtains.

Why can’t I drill into stud?

There are different drill bits for different surfaces for wood there is a blunt one,for steel there is pointed one,and for walls and concrete they have a wider and semi-blunt one. Maybe you used a wring one for the wall, Another reason could be that the machine you were using was not of enough power.

Can you hang plants from curtain rod?

If you have a curtain rod installed, you can just skip right ahead to step 2 and use the curtain rod to hang your clips and planter hangers from for a similar effect—just make sure the rod can support the weight of the plants.

How much weight can drywall hold with anchors?

Toggles, anchors or molly bolts are surprisingly strong. A 1/8 toggle can hold 30 pounds on 1/2-inch drywall and a 3/8-inch toggle can handle a hefty 50 pounds or more safely. When applying any kind of drywall anchor, you should understand how they work and which screw anchor may work best to put into a hollow wall.

How much weight can a curtain rod hold?

Divide the weight by the required rod width to get the amount of weight per foot and choose a rod, based on the manufacturer’s information, that will accommodate this weight. For example, if the curtains weigh 50 pounds, and the required rod width is 12 feet, the rod must hold just over 4 pounds per foot.

How can I hang a plant from the ceiling without drilling?

Suspending Plants from the Ceiling. Use adhesive hooks to hang them from the ceiling without drilling. There are adhesive command hooks with adjustable hooks that are perfect for ceiling hanging. Purchase these hooks from an office supply or big box store.

How do you hang a curtain rod without studs?

If there isn’t a stud, you’ll need to use a drywall anchor and a screw to reinforce your curtain rod brackets. Without a drywall anchor, a screw won’t be able to hold the weight of your curtain rod. You risk pulling the brackets out of the wall and causing pesky damage.

Where should curtain rod brackets be placed?

Each bracket should be placed at the height you previously determined and about four to six inches from the side of the window frame. (This will allow you to open the curtains completely.) Check to make sure your pencil marks are level otherwise the entire window treatment will be crooked.

How do you hang a plant in front of a window?

Indoor Garden Idea – Hang Your Plants From The Ceiling & WallsSuction them to the window. … Build an indoor trellis. … Use them as art. … Attach vertical planters to the wall. … Hang them from the ceiling. … Hang them upside down. … Attach them to the wall with magnets. … DIY a hanging basket.More items…•

How much weight can drywall hold without stud?

How much weight you can hang on the stud depends on what you hang it with. A 1 1/2-inch (4d) nail driven in at a 45-degree upward angle can hold as much as 20 pounds. That’s enough for a small to medium picture frame or a small wall light or planter.

Can you hang a deer mount without a stud?

I hang deer and bear mounts with hercules hooks. These are just simply placed in sheetrock with no mounting in the studs. They also only place a small diameter hole in the wall.

How far should a curtain rod go past the window?

A rule of thumb (from Architectural Digest) is that curtains should be hung between 4 to 6 inches above the window frame, so install your curtain rod accordingly. When you hang the curtain rod high, it will make the window appear taller.

Do curtain rods go on trim or wall?

Generally, hanging curtain brackets on the wall above and outside the window molding looks best, since it allows fabric to fall gracefully. If you have detailed window frames you don’t want to cover, an inside mount (hanging curtains within the frame, as you would with a tension rod) can work.