Is Realme X2 Is A Good Phone?

Is Poco x2 good for PUBG?

This phone relies on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and it comes with the Poco launcher on top.

On a daily basis, the Poco X2 is fast and fluid.

When it comes to games, the phone performs as good as the Snapdragon 730G can.

That means PUBG MOBILE is locked to at most High graphics with average frame rates..

Is Snapdragon 730g good for gaming?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730G is almost similar to Snapdragon 730, but it’s better optimized for gaming. The 730G integrates the “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” suite that enables it to render relatively better graphics (Vulkan 1.1), support smoother gameplay, drive powerful wireless audio while gaming, and more.

Do Realme phones last long?

So I can say that the average life of Realme phones are around 2 years. This is based on speculation as the company is fairly new and not many of its phones have become very old. I am using Realme phone from last 8 months.

Which Realme phone is best?

Realme 6 Pro is one of the best smartphones developed by the Chinese company. There are many features like the quad-camera setup with 64Mp primary shooter, a dual selfie camera setup of 16MP and 8MP, and more that make it one of the best smartphones by Realme.

Which is better Realme XT or x2?

Realme has launched the Realme X2 as a more powerful variant of the Realme XT (Review). The specification sheet of the Realme XT and the Realme X2 is fairly similar, except for the performance unit.

Why is Realme so cheap?

Realme is powered by oppo. So it isn’t that bad. … The actual reason why Realme is inexpensive is because it uses the mediatek helio p60 chipset. This chipset isn’t that expensive when compared to the Qualcomm snapdragon.

Should I buy Realme x2 or Poco x2?

It has a bigger and smoother display, a bigger battery, slightly better performance and segment-leading camera performance. If you want the best-in-class, get the Poco X2. That said, the Realme X2 comes with faster charging speeds, is more comfortable to use, has a better design and a stunning AMOLED display.

Which phone is better than Poco x2?

Xiaomi Poco X2 AlternativesProduct NamePricesSpecs ScoreRealme 6 ProRs. 17,99987/100Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxRs. 16,99988/100Realme X2Rs. 19,99089/100Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 ProRs. 16,94087/1006 more rows

Does Realme x2 support 4k video?

Yes, Realme X , support 4K video recording. Ultra High Definition or 4K possess 3840 x 2160 pixels, which are 4 times as many in Full HD or 1080p.

Should I wait for Realme x2?

Answer to your question is that u can surely wait for Realme X2 if you want a gaming device. If you are not a hardcore user and use your device for daily works only then I would personally suggest to go Realme XT as per the price vs specs point of view.

Is Realme 2 a good phone?

The new Realme 2 offers stellar battery life, a unique design, a dedicated microSD card slot, and good build quality. However, performance is just about okay, the cameras are average, and the display is sub-standard. The fingerprint sensor is also slow and iffy.

Why is Poco x2 best?

The Poco X2 is also one of the best phones for gaming in the sub-Rs 20,000 segment. The Snapdragon 730G chipset can run all the latest games in great graphics as well as smooth performance. … The Poco X2 with its 4500mAh battery can deliver up to two days of power on a single charge, even with the screen set to 120Hz.

Which is better than Poco x2?

The Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is another smartphone that is worth considering as an alternative to Poco X2. It lacks 90Hz refresh rate support for the screen but has faster 33W fast charging. The new Redmi Note phone is driven by Snapdragon 720G mobile platform, which Xiaomi claims is more powerful than the Snapdragon 730G.

Is Realme x2 Pro good for gaming?

The realme X2 Pro’s performance has been fully upgraded with octa-core Snapdragon 855 Plus processor featuring a 7nm process and Adreno 640 GPU, allowing the processor to render graphics 15% faster than the Snapdragon 855. It guarantees real visual sense and advanced 3D image rendering for a better gaming experience.

Is Realme 3 best for PUBG?

The Realme 3 runs games like PUBG and Asphalt 9 really well, offering a consistently smooth, lag-free experience even with the graphics setting on high. Games work well not only because of the Helio P70 SoC, but also thanks to Game Space, which bumps up the performance of the device while gaming.

Does Realme x2 has liquid cooling?

The Realme X2 also gets the same chipset, but with 4GB/6GB/8GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of expandable storage. Winner: POCO X2 for offering higher built-in storage and dedicated liquid cooling.

Does Realme 2 have fast charging?

Battery. The two Realme phones prior to the Realme 2 Pro offered pretty impressive battery life, and the expectation is that the Realme 2 Pro will also deliver. … The Realme 2 Pro does not support fast charging so it takes just a little over two hours to charge the device from zero to 100 per cent.

Can Realme phones be trusted?

Realme phones are trustworthy ok. Every new smartphone brand takes time to become a brand value. Of course Their phones are worth buying. In fact ,I would say Realme phones are best at all price range.

Is Poco x2 better than Realme x2?

Apart from that, the Poco X2 has a faster refresh rate with 120Hz display. It is bigger in size with a bigger battery and slightly smoother performance at a lower price than Realme X2.

Does Realme 2 have front flash?

The Realme 2, just like the first one, shares no such aspirations, with its rather modest 8MP, f/2.2 selfie camera. It’s a fixed-focus lens, there is no dedicated flash or anything else fancy of the sorts.

Does Realme 2 have slow motion?

Realme 2 Pro will gain the ability to record slow motion videos as part of a software update early next year. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has confirmed that it plans to bring the slow motion video recording feature to the Realme 2 Pro sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

Does Realme 2 have Gorilla Glass?

All Realme units come with a factory-applied screen protector, and the one on the Realme 2 Pro perfectly fits the screen and has the same notch as the actual panel beneath. And as always, we appreciate the extra effort even though the Realme 2 Pro has a Gorilla Glass by Corning to keep its screen safe.

Is Realme x2 a gaming phone?

Gaming on the X2 is fluid without any lags when playing high-end games such as Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile on medium settings. … The X2 is a smart buy if you want a good gaming device with a long battery life and fast charging and are not that much bothered about low-light photography.