Question: Is It Possible To Have 2 IP Addresses?

Why do I have two IP addresses?

Routers are special because they have two IP addresses.

This is the side of the router that faces the home network’s computers and has a private IP address.


One of the primary jobs of a router is to assign IP addresses to the computers on a home network..

How many IP addresses can a device have?

1.1. Generally speaking, in a single local network (i.e. flat network or VLAN) a single IP address can only be assigned to one interface/device at any given time. The reason why is that other devices need to learn a correlation between a MAC address and an IP address. This is what the ARP process provides.

What is a 192.168 IP address?

192.168. 1.1 is a common factory IP address for a consumer-grade router. If the router is used for connecting to the Internet then all computers and devices which access the Internet through it will use this address as their default gateway.

What happens if two routers have the same IP address?

You cannot have two devices with the same address on one network. You also should not have two routers on the same network if both can act as DHCP servers. … You enter the configuration of that router and change its address to something not in the DHCP range of the other.