Quick Answer: Can Eri Rewind Nighteye?

Is Uraraka a traitor?

There is literally no reason for Uraraka not to be in love with Midoriya if she wants to.


Uraraka is the traitor, and if she continues to be in love with Midoriya, it would interfere with her work for the villains because she has become too attached to Midoriya..

Why does ERI bandage?

She wears bandages because Overhaul keeps destroying her arms to get her blood. The horrifying child abuse alone is enough to go save Eri. … Saving Eri isn’t only about stopping child abuse. It’s about stopping the production of Quirk-erasing drugs to save the lives of potentially millions of people.

Is Kirishima the traitor?

Some people have dismissed the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, especially after Kirishima’s character development during the Internship Arc. However, after skimming through the manga and after reading the most recent chapters, I actually think Kirishima is the one who’s most likely to be the traitor.

Did Hawks kill best Jeanist?

Hawks is simply an undercover agent trying to learn more about the League; He has no reason to actually kill Best Jeanist, and he could have simply urged the Pro Hero into hiding while Hawks faked the man’s death.

Can Eri rewind all might?

Technically yes, but also no. She can’t control her quirk completely, so she may rewind too much or not enough at all. All Might also may not want her to rewind him, as we’ve seen he seems perfectly content with allowing the new generation to soldier on.

Can Nighteye be revived?

Foresight only lasts for an hour at a time, and then Nighteye cannot reuse it again for an entire day.

Can Eri rewind death?

REWIND: Eri’s Quirk allows her to reverse a living individual’s body back to a previous state, allowing her to heal injuries and undo bodily modifications. … Eri CAN kill somebody by reverse someone’s body to a previous state (non-existance), so she should be able to do the same, right? Well, no, she can not do it.

Who is the UA traitor?

KirishimaKirishima is the TRAITOR!

Can Eri rewind Mirio?

Eri simply doesn’t have the power to give Mirio his quirk back. Overhaul, sadly through many experiments, was able to come up w/a drug to make someone quirkless and an anecdote to bring it back. … mirio was shot by bullet which was from Eri rewind power. Rewind back to a point where quirk is not a thing.

Is Eri chisaki daughter?

I wanna be your friend. Eri ( 壊 え 理 り , Eri?) is the granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai’s boss. She is also the key source of Kai Chisaki’s operation to manufacture a Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Does ERI heal DEKU?

We see in the manga later at multiple points that Deku still retained his finger and arm wounds from the battles with Todoroki and Muscular respectively. Eri only rewound the injuries Deku was inflicting upon himself at that time by using 100% Full Cowl.

Is Eri really overhauls daughter?

Overhaul revealed in a previous episode that Eri wasn’t his daughter, and that story was just a lie to cover it up, but there’s been a mystery as to how she ended up in the clutches of the Hassaikai group in the first place.

Did ERI kill her parents?

No wonder so many fans assumed that he killed her. But no, Eri’s mother willingly walked out of the girl’s life. She did so after Eri accidentally used her Rewind quirk on her father – to disastrous effect.

How did Nighteye see all might’s future?

His quirk is foresight, which allows him to see the future of anyone he touches and looks in the eye. Yes! Yes, because his quirk foresight, can let him see the future of a person by touching and looking at him/her in the eye.

Can Eri control her quirk?

Eri has to be in quarantine because, based on Izuku’s information about her, she is unable to control her dangerous Quirk.