Quick Answer: What Is The Full Meaning Of Ho?

Who is ho company?

Head Office.


Homeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners) HO..

What does HO stand for in shoes?

Highest offer, H/O: Self-explanatory. Hypebeast: A person who buys and wears shoes and clothing that are in high demand solely for that reason.

What does BG mean in Jordan shoes?

Answered May 31, 2020. Og-original GG- Grade school girls Gs-grade school. Bg-boys grade school OVO is any model made by the rapper drake PRM – premium.

What does Forward Ho mean?

interj. Used to express surprise or joy, to attract attention to something sighted, or to urge onward: Land ho! Westward ho!

What does HO stand for?

AcronymDefinitionHOHead OfficeHOHonduras (Swan Islands)HOHand-OverHOHome Office40 more rows

What is the full form of Ho?

Head Office; Home Office.

Are B grade shoes fake?

Unauthorized/Replica Anything involving the words “Unauthorized” or “Replica” or “B-grades” or “Super Perfect” means the shoes are fake. It means they’re not made by the actual company, and no matter how close they may be or how good the quality is, they’re still fake.

What does hast mean in Shakespeare?

Hast is an old-fashioned second person singular form of the verb ‘have. ‘ It is used with ‘thou’ which is an old-fashioned form of ‘you. ‘

What does Haggard mean in Shakespeare?

adjective. having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, as from prolonged suffering, exertion, or anxiety; worn: the haggard faces of the tired troops.

What does ho mean in Shakespeare?

ho—hey (roughly equivalent). “ Lucius, ho!” [ Brutus calling his servant] mark—pay attention to…….. “Mark my words.”

What does HO stand for on Instagram?

HO means “Hold On” or “Head Office” So now you know – HO means “Hold On” or “Head Office” – don’t thank us. YW! What does HO mean? HO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HO definition is given.