Quick Answer: Which Pistols Can I Buy In India?

What is the cost for gun license in India?

Get A Gun From-Guns For customersAddress of the factoryPrice0.22″ Revolver NIDARThe General Manager, Rifle Factory, Ishapore, P.O.

Nawabgunj, Dist.

24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal PIN – 74314440,400 Rupees excluding tax0.32 Revolvers/ PistolsOrdnance Cable Factory, Chandigarh-160002.9 more rows•Jan 6, 2017.

Which gun can I own in India?

All civilians can apply for possession of an NPB by following the due procedure under Chapter II and Chapter III of the Arms Act 1959. Prohibited Bore weapons include pistols(9 mm) and handguns of caliber . 38, . 455 and caliber .

Prohibited for public, 9mm bore weapons can be used only by armed forces. … “Price of 9mm pistol is low as getting bullets for the firearm is not easy. Arms manufacturers at Munger (Bihar) and Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh) sell it for Rs 10,000.

Can I carry gun in India?

Indian law allows citizens to own and carry guns, but it is not a right enshrined in the constitution. … Even air guns will require an arms license. The new gun restrictions are not a reaction to recent violence.

0.32″ Revolver Mk – III.0.32″ Revolver Mk-III (Light Weight) NIRBHEEK.0.22″ Sporting Rifle.0.315″ Sporting Rifle.0.22″ Revolver.12 BORE PUMP ACTION GUN(NYLON BUTT)0.32″ Revolver (Long Barrel) ANMOL.0.32″ Revolver (MK-IV)More items…

Can a 9mm gun kill you?

Absolutely, in most cases a 9mm will kill you if you’re shot directly in the head, don’t listen to Hollywood showing movies and whatnot about people surviving head shots because it’s all just BS, some people survived shots in the head but that’s ricochets or getting shot in a non vital spot so that’s way different.

Can I buy a sword in India?

Absolutely not. No need of license if you have knife or sword. But you need to have a license if you have fire power like Guns. … To keep a sword u basically need licence from “ arms and ammunition” section of India u can keep a sword in home in the purposes of just showing off of or in any classic collection.

Can we carry sword in train?

It is perfectly legal to transport a sword across state borders in Indian Railways. All you would need is a bill for the same from a registered shop and if possible dont get the blade sharp and get them sharped in your own state.

Which guns do Indian police use?

Home Here Are the Guns Indian Police Force Use1 – Service Pistol: It is a simple handgun issued to Military personnel or law enforcement officers. … 2 – Glock 17: … 3 – Pistol Auto 9mm 1A: … 4 – Glock 26: … 5 – Brügger & Thomet MP9: … 6 – Smith & Wesson M&P 9: … 7 – Heckler and Koch MP5: … 8 – Tantal:More items…•

Is sword illegal in India?

1) It is illegal to carry a knife or sword blunt or otherwise unless it is meant for self defence. 2) Of the size of the knife is longer than 9 inches you need to get a permission from the from the arms regulatory authority in the state. It is in public interest.

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Where are guns available in India?

Firearm possessionStateActive firearm licensesNagaland36,606Arunachal Pradesh34,394Manipur26,836Tamil Nadu22,53222 more rows

How many guns can you own in India?

three firearmsNo Indian citizen should own more than one licensed firearm, the Union ministry of home affairs (MHA) has proposed in a draft amendment to the Arms Act of 1959 that currently permits an Indian to own as many as three firearms.

Can I own a Glock in India?

How to own a Glock in India legally – Quora. Yes you can. take a job in a gun friendly country like the USA where you could legally own in. … On your return you can get your legal gun as personal belongings under the TR route.

Can I buy imported pistol in India?

There is no special procedure for buying imported arms. All you need is a license and any arms dealer will oblige.

What gun does not need a license in India?

While no licence was earlier required to own air guns and air rifles and even toy shops could sell these, the new rules say manufacturing and selling air rifles will require specific licence under the Arms Act. Also, licence will be required for any air rifle generating more than 20 joules of energy.