Quick Answer: Who Would Win Percy Jackson Vs Harry Potter?

What should I read if I like Percy Jackson?

Books Like Percy Jackson: 11 Super Series to Read NextSeven Wonders Series.

by Peter Lerangis.

Mark of the Thief Trilogy.

by Jennifer Nielsen.

Will Wilder Series.

by Raymond Arroyo.

The Blackwell Pages Series.

by K.L.

Armstrong and M.



The Cronus Chronicles Trilogy.

by Anne Usru.

Gods of Manhattan Series.

Theodosia Throckmorton Series.

Children of the Lamp Series.More items….

What book does Nico kiss Percy?

The House of HadesA watch out from parent to parent: In the 4th book, The House of Hades, the character Nico, who is 14, reveals that he feels same-gender attraction to Percy Jackson. He says he has had a “crush” on Percy for a long time.

Does Will and Nico kiss?

Will couldn’t look away from Nico and he desperately wanted to say something, but his brain froze as his heart was thumping like crazy in his chest. … Nico just kissed him. Okay, it was just a quick, chaste kiss on the cheek. But still, his most beautiful, gorgeous, boyfriend just lied his lips on Will’s cheeks.

Who does Percy Jackson marry?

AnnabethPercy and Annabeth are getting married! But soon happy times turn into complicated ones.

Who is older Nico or hazel?

If you’re going chronologically, then Hazel is older than Nico. Hazel was born in 1928, and then died in 1942 when she was 14. She was then brought back to life by her half-brother Nico. On the other hand, Nico was born in 1932 and was moved to the Lotus Hotel and Casino, where he continued to age, albeit very slowly.

Why did Percy Jackson fail?

The biggest reason for the failure of the Percy Jackson series was that no one involved truly believed in it. No one wanted to make these films because they wanted to bring what they loved on the page to the big screen.

Who would win in a fight Percy or Annabeth?

Percy would win, it would be a good fight, but the son of Poseidon is the better of the two in combat.

Who is the strongest character in Percy Jackson?

Perseus JacksonEven Nico admits to Percy being the strongest demigod he’s ever met! Plus he’s got a super cool girlfriend, not that that has anything to do with how powerful he is. But there is no debate. Perseus Jackson is the most powerful demigod out there.

How old is Percy 2020?

Percy is a very troubled 12-year-old boy who has been expelled from every school he has ever attended. Yancy Academy is where his troubles seem to be worse than usual.

Does Percy Jackson become a god?

Probably not. At the end of The Last Olympian, Percy was offered immortality but he turned it down. He wanted to live a normal life and he wanted to grow old with Annabeth. Instead he made the gods promise to claim all of their children.

What if Annabeth died?

If Annabeth dies in the giant war Percy will not live with that and will go to the Underworld to get her back.

Is Netflix buying the rights to Percy Jackson?

After the Disney-Fox merger, Disney will own PJO’s rights again (since PJO, HOO and all of Riordan’s books are published by Disney Hyperion). And they’re also building their own streaming service like Netflix. They might make a reboot of the movies or a multi-season show.

Who died in Heroes of Olympus?

Jim Jackson – Died in a plane crash. Rich Jackson – Died from cancer. Oracle’s host – Died over thirty years before The Lightning Thief and became mummified after Hades cursed her. Ferdinand Underwood – Died after being turned to stone by Medusa.

Is Percy Jackson or Harry Potter better?

1. There are a lot more battles in Percy Jackson then there are in Harry Potter. Sure Harry fights something in every book and movie, but it’s brief and not as much action. … There are better and more reliable friends in Percy Jackson.

Is Nico in love with Percy?

The relationship between Percy and Nico becomes close for they both might have been the child of the Great Prophecy. … In The House of Hades, Nico is forced by Cupid to reveal that he had had a crush on Percy Jackson. This reveals that he is homosexual.

Is Disney making a Percy Jackson series?

Disney+ is developing a Percy Jackson series adaptation. Book series author Rick Riordan made the announcement Thursday on Twitter alongside his wife Becky. 20th Century Fox adapted the first two books of his Percy Jackson series as part of a series of films. …

Can a demigod kill a god?

Demigods are Immortal and extremely difficult to kill due to the holy connection to their parental Gods or Goddesses that also watch over them like Guardian Angels . Not even beheading or incineration in standard flames gets the job done most of the time. It is said only a God or another Demigod can kill one.

Can Percy Jackson control blood?

As I said earlier, Percy is able to control blood because it moves like water. So, he could technically control a humans or an animals blood and make it move and do certain things. Also, since the human body is made of 75% water, then that means that Percy could control people that way also.