What Does K2so4 Stand For?

What is the pH of k2so4?

Originally Answered: Is k2so4 acidic or basic dissolved in water.

Potassium sulfate is the salt of a strong acid (H2SO4) and a strong base (KOH) and the pH of its aqueous solution is roughly neutral..

Is CuS soluble in water?

Cuprous sulfide occurs in the form of black powder or lumps and is found as the mineral chalcocite. Large quantities of the compound are obtained by heating cupric sulfide (CuS) in a stream of hydrogen. Cuprous sulfide is insoluble in water but soluble in ammonium…

Is k2so4 an acid or base?

K2SO4 = neutral, it is a salt. H2SO4 is a strong base and KOH is a strong acid.

Is k2so4 soluble or insoluble?

WaterPotassium sulfate/Soluble in

What is the chemical name of k2so4?

Potassium sulfateDescription: Potassium sulfate is a potassium salt.

Is KBr an acid or base?

Classifying ElectrolytesStrong Electrolytesstrong acidsHCl, HBr, HI, HNO3, HClO3, HClO4, and H2SO4strong basesNaOH, KOH, LiOH, Ba(OH)2, and Ca(OH)2saltsNaCl, KBr, MgCl2, and many, many moreWeak Electrolytesweak acidsHF, HC2H3O2 (acetic acid), H2CO3 (carbonic acid), H3PO4 (phosphoric acid), and many more1 more row

Is CsOH a base or acid?

Caesium hydroxide or cesium hydroxide (CsOH) is a chemical compound consisting of caesium ions and hydroxide ions. It is a strong base (pKb=-1.76), much like the other alkali metal hydroxides such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

Is baso4 soluble or insoluble in water?

Sulfuric acidBarium sulfate/Soluble in

Is pbso4 soluble or insoluble?

Lead sulfate appears as a white crystalline solid. Insoluble in water and sinks in water.

Is nano2 a base or acid?

saltpositive ion in solutionaqueous salt solutionNaNO2Na+(aq), neutralbasicNH4ClO4NH4+(aq), acidicacidicCa(ClO4)2Ca2+(aq), neutralneutralFeBr3Fe3+(aq), acidicacidic

What is the full form of k2so4?

Acronym. Definition. K2SO4. Potassium Sulfate (chemistry)

How is k2so4 formed?

Historically, K2SO4 was made by react- ing KCl with sulfuric acid. However, it was later discovered that a number of earth minerals could be manipulated to produce K2SO4 and this is now the most common method of production.

What is the charge of k2so4?

-2Structure for FDB015406 (Potassium sulfate (K2SO4))PropertyValueSourcelogP-0.84ChemAxonpKa (Strongest Acidic)-3ChemAxonPhysiological Charge-2ChemAxonHydrogen Acceptor Count4ChemAxon11 more rows•Apr 8, 2010

Does k2so4 dissolve in water?

Answer and Explanation: K2 SO4 is very soluble in water. Most alkali metal compounds are water soluble and potassium is an alkali metal. In addition, most sulfate compounds…