What Is The Cheapest Music Subscription?

Which music subscription is best?

The best overall Spotify is the way to go.

Spotify is the original big music streaming service, and it has apps for all major platforms — including iOS, Android, and your preferred web browser.

One of the best things about Spotify is that you can try it out without having to subscribe..

What is the best and cheapest music streaming service?

Amazon Music HD is cheaper than Tidal’s high-res plan, which costs $20 per month. Cons: Files compressed at a higher bit rate can sound better, but the differences are subtle once you go higher than about 320 Kbps. The streaming quality you’ll find on basic services will probably satisfy most listeners.

How much does Music Unlimited cost?

Music Unlimited is $7.99 a month for Prime Members, or $79 a year, a pretty affordable price when it comes to streaming services.

What is the biggest music streaming service?

SpotifySpotify is the largest subscription music streaming service with 96 million subscribers and 170 million users overall. Premium streams at 320kbps, a better quality than you get with Apple Music.