What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Chased?

What is the meaning of chased away?

v force to go away; used both with concrete and metaphoric meanings.

Synonyms: dispel, drive away, drive off, drive out, run off, turn back drive out, force out, rouse, rout out.

force or drive out..

Is saying take care rude?

Laura, you’re reading too much into it. It’s simply another way to say “goodbye” and is, actually, a polite thing to say. “Take care” is simply another way of saying “be careful”. It expresses your concern for another person’s well-being, so there is no way that it is impolite in the least!

What does the phrase take care mean?

The word care means to feel concern or interest. Thus, if you tell someone to “take care” you are asking them to feel a sense of concern or interest about something. The phrase “take care” meaning: to take in hand has been used since the 1580s.

What is the phrasal verb of resembles?

(transitive – inseparable) This phrasal verb is used when you want to say that someone looks like (or resembles) an older member of the family, usually their mother or father.

What do you call someone who is chasing you?

pursuer. noun. someone who pursues someone or something.

What is the phrasal verb of investigate?

| Phrasal verb. It means investigate. In phrasals with look, you’re not literally looking at anything. You’re doing something else, remembering, searching, and so on.

What is the phrasal verb of removed?

The same also applies to the phrasal verb take away, meaning ‘to remove something from a place’: Someone needs to come and take the old bed away. And finally, the phrasal verb take out, meaning ‘to go somewhere and do something with someone, usually paying for them’: Our boss is taking us out for a meal to celebrate.

How do you reply to take care?

Seeing that “take care” is pretty much a standard phrase people use when ending a conversation, there are a host of ways you could reply:Bye!See ya!Hasta manana!Ciao.Toodles.

Are set in meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset in phrasal verbSTART TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETCif something sets in, especially something unpleasant, it begins and seems likely to continue for a long time Winter seems to be setting in early this year.

What is the phrasal verb of start?

A frequent ‘start’ phrasal verb in American English is start over. To start over is to begin to do something again, sometimes in a different way.

What is the phrasal verb of take care of?

Take care of is used to say that you’ll look after someone or something or that you’ll do what is necessary in a particular situation. It’s this idea of dealing with or handling a situation so that everything will be ok or works out fine.

What is the phrasal verb of rejected?

turn downANSWER: The phrasal verb of ‘rejected’ is ‘turn down’.

What is the phrasal verb of compensate?

compensate > synonyms47»make up v. & exp.comp, outrival, redress4»compensate for v. & exp.save, restore, offset4»even off v. & exp.correction, balance, adjust for3»take care of v. & exp. & idi.return, fix, balance3»bring back v.action, restitution, recompensate16 more rows

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb give up?

phrasal verb. give up. ​to stop trying to do something. They gave up without a fight.

What is the phrasal verb of surrendered?

The phrasal verb give up can mean ‘to surrender’ i.e. to stop trying and admit defeat.

What is the phrasal verb of wear?

If time wears on, it passes, as in ‘My headache grew worse as the evening wore on’. To wear out means to make someone feel very tired, as in ‘She was worn out from looking after her elderly mother’ or ‘You need to slow down or you’ll wear yourself out’.

What is the phrasal verb of tolerate?

Unfortunately, verbs like tolerate are not always so formal that they have a formal label in a dictionary, so here are a few useful ones where it sounds more natural to use the phrasal verb in everything except formal writing: accelerate/speed up: I wish we could speed up the process.

What is the phrasal verb of require?

require > synonyms83»call for v. & exp.demand, need, order9»ask for exp. & v.assert, dispute, demand9»insist on v. & exp.administer, sanction, order6»call on v. & exp.tell, authorize, demand6»have occasion for exp. & idi. & v.demand, lack, exact16 more rows

What preach means?

intransitive verb. 1 : to deliver a sermon. 2 : to urge acceptance or abandonment of an idea or course of action specifically : to exhort in an officious or tiresome manner.

What does sanity mean?

noun. the state of being sane; soundness of mind. soundness of judgment.