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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - The Trend Spotter

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About a month ago we headed up to the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show to walk the many aisles and see the best & brightest amongst specialty food and beverage. The Following posts run through our insights we’re excited to share.

Trend 3. Revolutionary Redesigns

Redesigns are big and scary undertakings but when brands decide to refresh it can pay off with better relevance with new customers and an opportunity to freshen up a potentially stagnant brand. We noticed a few big brands going through facelifts and redesigns.

Morris Kitchen:
Morris Kitchen threw us for a loop (in the best way) with their sleek, simple, illustration pattern driven redesign. We’ve always loved Morris Kitchen for their unique take on cocktail mixers and tasty concoctions Tomato Beet and Citrus Agave.

Their old design felt homemade and simple, which fit with the brand’s positioning- but the design update feels fresh and contemporary and will definitely stand out on the shelf.

The simplified treatment of the ingredients in each label drives home the fact that there’s only the best inside.

Roland Foods:
Heirloom brand Roland Foods keeps their heritage with a simplified treatment for their wordmark and refreshed packaging design. We love that they were able to simplify the logo but keep the wordmark in place.

The new mark will be more flexible across the brand and could introduce Roland to new customers.

They really upped their packaging design game as well with interesting photography work adorning their canned goods and amazing bold colors for their sardines, just to highlight a few.  

And not a full redesign…

Bob’s Red Mill:
but we appreciated this new take on presentation within their brand from Bob’s Red Mill for their line of Muesli. We’re used to seeing Bob’s Red Mill products in clear sealed bags with a label and Bob’s smiling face. However those bags aren’t the easiest to work with once opened – plus we felt there’s a ton of opportunity there for a design refresh.

So we were excited to spot this particular update to both the bag and the design for their Muesli. Still staying true to their original look and feel with Bob’s ness but pulling in new typography with a vintage feel, plus the use of banners as containers for content helps organize the front panel.

And the scroll work and filigree elements add a nice homespun touch, reinforces the brands core values.

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July 31, 2017 In Behind the Scenes, Business, Business – Design/Art, Design, Ideas, Observation, Opinion, Packaging, Travel, Trend Spotting

About a month ago we headed up to the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show to walk the many aisles and see the best & brightest amongst specialty food and beverage. The Following posts run through our insights we’re excited to share. Below is our Cocktail Kit Trend Insight from 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show

Trend 2. Happy Hour Hacks

Making the cocktail ritual easier has been a building trend for a couple of years now and we love how these brands are putting their spin on it.

Bantam Bevy:
Bantam Bevy, a new kid on the block, attracted us with their great design and tasty flavor combos – Cucumber Mojito anyone? We love all these ready-made cocktail mixes and it’s a crowded field and we’re confident Bantam Bevy will stand out nicely with their bold colors and design. Also – since these bottles look pieces of art put ‘em out while you’re playing bartender – they’ll be a great conversation starter!

Cocktail Kit 2 Go:
Why settle for just a flask when you can have the whole cocktail? Cocktail Kit 2 Go has everything you need to make classic cocktails (just add alcohol) in a handy business card size. That’s what really differentiates this from the other “Cocktails to go” products – the size is so darn convenient you can bring it anywhere (anywhere it’s legal that is!)

House of Broughton:
House of Broughton Syrups attracted us with their dazzling design and innovative syrup flavors.

These will become the home bartender’s best friend because who has the time to make a variety of simple syrups? Not only do these provide a shortcut so you’re not spending the whole party behind the bar, the interesting flavors will give you the best cocktail game on the block.

And the best for last:

Swig and Swallow:
Swig and Swallow’s bottle comes half full – just top it off with the exact amount of alcohol for a convenient cocktail. When we sampled their Mojito it was spot on flavor-wise.

We also appreciated the fact that there’s just no other product out there this. The challenge for Swig and Swallow is to let shoppers know the bottle is supposed to be half full and hasn’t leaked out.

From what we could tell they had very clever marketing materials around that barrier, but we’re confident once folks try this they’ll be hooked.

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About a month ago we headed up to the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show to walk the many aisles and see the best & brightest amongst specialty food and beverage. The Following posts run through our insights we’re excited to share.

Trend 1. Gourmet on the Go

Gourmet goodies are not relegated to fancy restaurants any more, which isn’t necessarily a new trend, but we loved how these brands elevated conventional food with tasty results. With more and more folks strapped for time but wanting better, quicker food this trend isn’t going away anytime soon so we’re anxious to see how other brands innovate within trend.

Mac & Son:

Remember Sunday dinners over at Grandma’s house? Home cooking at it’s finest with an array of yummy sides more than ly including Mac & Cheese?  Well Mac & Son makes bagged mac & cheese taste homemade, with quality, thoughtful ingredients.

When we sampled our little cup full it took us right back to those Sunday dinners.

We learned that the Mac & Son folks have worked hard to recreate that homemade flavor spending a lot of time developing their recipe and identifying key ingredients that are simple, flavorful but also deliver a hefty, homemade side in a convenient pouch.


Imagine never having to worry about a filling, healthy, well rounded meal on the go? Forget fast food – Boonbox makes it easy. We loved the fact that Boonbox was so simple, just a container with everything you need – and better yet you don’t have to cook it – just dig right in. Think of it super powered trail mix. Plus the container is small enough to fit in any type of bag.


Zupa Superfood soup makes sure you get all your veggies in an easy to carry bottle. We need our veggies but don’t always have the time to hang out at the juicer and crank out a cup or two.

Plus what’s the right recipe that tastes good but is also healthy? We loved how Zupa delivers everything in a bottle – no excuses for not eating those veggies – even if you can’t sit down for a meal.

And forget conventional flavors – they’ve got sophisticated combos : Beet Orange Basil, Cucumber Avocado, and Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno just to name a few.

And of course we can’t forget dessert –

The Konery:

We think gourmet on the go should apply to all courses. The Konery has dessert covered by making amazingly tasty gourmet waffle cones.

With bold and innovative flavors, The Konery’s cones pair nicely with different ice cream flavors and play a bigger part than a standard sugar or waffle cone.

They’ve got wild flavors with even wilder cone colors – for instance a deep red “Red Velvet”, a blue “Salted Blue Corn” and our fave: a confettied “Birthday Cake.”

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This is design direction that we get a lot…. “Black and white with a pop of color”. It usually means simple and modern-ish. A clean and straight forward design.  So, even though this isn’t really a ground breaking trend per se, it is a commonly seen design style that we find very visually appealing.

Below are a few great interpretations of this style. 

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline

Image via The Dieline


How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - The Trend Spotter

Dark circles are a pesky problem that can make you appear exhausted, unhealthy, and older than you are. Characterised by a deep discoloration beneath the eyes, dark circles are often unsightly and embarrassing.

Whether caused by a lack of sleep or another issue, these shadowy circles can affect many people, including both genders and all ages. Luckily, gaining relief from dark circles and returning to bright, wide awake eyes is possible.

Thanks to several tried-and-tested remedies, you can get rid of the dark circles under your eyes with ease.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles can have many causes. While they’re often attributed to a lack of sleep, numerous other factors can also bring about discoloration in the area under the eyes. Genetics often play a role, meaning that if your parents had hyperpigmentation beneath their eyes, you could too.

Ageing is another culprit that often causes dark circles to appear. Due to the natural depletion of volume in the area, ageing can lead to hollowed-out shadows with more prominent veins.

wise, if your skin is naturally pale or thin, you may experience dark circles caused by superficial blood vessels and their colours showing through the skin’s surface.

Other causes of dark circles include fluid retention, which may occur with pregnancy or weight gain, sun damage, hormonal changes, excessive drinking or smoking, an unhealthy or high-salt diet, stress, iron deficiency, dry skin, and working long hours in front of a computer screen. Allergies are another factor that can lead to dark circles due to swelling and blood vessel inflammation. If you believe that allergies cause your dark circles, see your doctor as antihistamines and eye drops may help.

Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

While dark circles can be problematic and unsightly, they can also be corrected. Finding the right solution to your under-eye problem will depend on the cause of your dark circles and your personal preference.

With plenty of natural, cosmetic, and medical options available, finding the perfect treatment, prevention or concealer shouldn’t be difficult. Just select the one that best treats the cause of your dark circles or, if you don’t know the source, try a variety of remedies until you find the one that works best.

 From simple at-home solutions to high-tech treatments, this guide will show you the best remedies to banish your dark circles and prevent them from coming back again.

Elevate Your Head While Sleeping

Although it can be challenging to prevent dark circles entirely, you can easily minimise them. Getting enough sleep and sleeping with your head in an elevated position is an easy way to reduce dark circles naturally.

 By just adding another pillow, you’ll be able to prop your head up throughout the night and prevent fluid from building up beneath your eyes and causing dark circles. Then, you’ll awake in the morning to brighter, more refreshed eyes. This method of prevention is particularly useful for those with dark circles caused by vascular issues.

You can also team the technique with a cold compress for five minutes when you awake to constrict the blood vessels and further prevent dark circles.

Use Concealer to Hide Dark Circles

If prevention and treatment techniques aren’t clearing up your dark circles, you can try concealing them instead. When used correctly, concealer can completely hide any trace of under eye discolouration, making you appear more awake, youthful and healthy. All you need to do is select the right concealer and apply it correctly.

Start by choosing a creamy concealer as powder options can appear dry and cakey in the area. Then, select a colour that will cancel out your hyperpigmentation, such as a yellow tone to cover purple bags or a peachy orange hue to banish blue bags.

Finish by prepping your skin with a moisturising eye cream and allowing it to dry before applying your concealer.

Use Natural Products to Reduce Dark Circles

Natural remedies can be a fantastic way to safely and affordably treat dark circles at home. Products, such as cucumber, almond oil, cold tea bags, rosewater, tomatoes, and grated potatoes can all be used to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, as can practising yoga.

To use soothing and refreshing cucumber to lighten and constrict dark circles, cut a fresh one into thick slices and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then, place the slices on your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. wise, you can also use the natural bleaching agents of potato to lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Just soak a cotton ball in the juice of a grated raw potato and place it over your closed eyes and dark circles.

Soaking cotton pads in rosewater before applying to closed eyes for 10-15 minutes can also soothe tired eyes and banish dark circles. Teabags that have been soaked in water and chilled in the fridge will have a similar effect and help awaken tired eyes.

Almond oil, which is an emollient and loaded with vitamin E, can also be beneficial to discoloured eye areas. Just gently massage a small amount into dark circles before bed and rinse with cold water in the morning.

Alternatively, try applying a teaspoon of tomato juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and leaving for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Best Under Eye Creams for Dark Circles

Today, there are countless under eye creams that are designed to help with hyperpigmentation and dark circles, so finding the right one can be a challenge.

Knowing which ingredients are best will make a significant difference in the search for the right cream for your dark circles. Products containing vitamin C will help to brighten skin tone while those with retinol will increase collagen production. Be careful though.

Both ingredients can irritate sensitive skin and should be tested first. Moisturising and illuminating eye creams can also help tackle dark circles while hyaluronic acid and glycerine will help hydrate and plump the area.

Also, keep an eye out for creams with gentle retinoids to correct pigmentation, caffeine to awaken tired eyes, and green tea or grape seed oil to strengthen capillary walls.

Medical Treatments for Removing Dark Circles

If natural and cosmetic remedies aren’t curing your dark circles, there are medical treatments available. A loss of fat in the area under the eye due to ageing can often cause dark circles.

 Luckily, this issue can be fixed with the help of a hyaluronic acid filling agent. Designed to conceal the melanin and blood vessels that cause the dark circles, these fillers can be effective at reducing under eye discolouration.

They do have risks though and can sometimes worsen the problem or cause swelling or bruising.

Vascular lasers are another medical treatment that can reduce dark circles. The technique is particularly useful for reddish-purple circles that stem from visible blood vessels.

Although the treatment can be effective, it is often expensive and can be uncomfortable and take some time to heal.

As such, be sure to do plenty of research into clinics and their dermatologists or cosmetic physicians before committing to this method of treatment.

  • Find the most effective treatment for your dark circles their cause.
  • Sleep with your head elevated to prevent fluid from building up beneath the eyes and causing dark circles.
  • Try using an eye cream containing ingredients that will tackle dark circles.
  • Use natural products, such as cucumber, almond oil, cold tea bags, rosewater, tomatoes, and grated potatoes, to treat dark circles at home.
  • Medical treatments, such as hyaluronic acid injections and vascular lasers, can also be used to treat dark circles but should be thoroughly discussed with a doctor first.
  • If prevention and treatment techniques aren’t working for your dark circles, try using concealer to hide them instead.


Why Kara Nielsen Sees Cotton Candy Grapes in Your Future

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - The Trend Spotter

Today, food trends flare locally, go viral on social media, and are then embraced by major companies. Photo courtesy of The Grapery

Sitting down for lunch at a Vietnamese café near her northern California office, Kara Nielsen scans the menu: spring rolls, rice plates, pho, and crispy chicken wings. Nothing unusual there. Among the desserts, though, is a sweet surprise: a pandan leaf coconut milk waffle topped with vanilla ice cream.

“I’ve been putting pandan on forecasts for a year,” Nielsen (MET’06) says happily. She pulls out her phone to display a picture of the Southeast Asian plant whose glossy leaves infuse desserts with a fragrant, grassy essence. After a lunch of pork-topped noodles, she orders the brilliant green waffle, snaps a photo of it, and digs in.

A pandan leaf coconut milk waffle topped with vanilla ice cream. “I’ve been putting pandan on forecasts for a year,” says Nielsen.

Nielsen’s stock-in-trade is her deep familiarity with esoteric ingredients and a near-forensic ability to predict what’s ly to tempt our palates. A professional food-trend spotter, she has spent decades studying—and anticipating—what we crave, and why.

What drives us to order cauliflower crust pizzas or acai berry smoothies? Nielsen cites a mix of factors that include taste, nutrition, and curiosity.

Some are concerned about the source: is the food authentic? Sustainable? Organic? Others—Nielsen points to millennials—crave a sensory, multicultural adventure and an Instagram-worthy photo, the pandan waffle.

And anyone who’s nursed a broken heart with Ben & Jerry’s knows that food can comfort, too.

When Nielsen enrolled in BU’s Gastronomy program, her résumé included stints as an English teacher in China, a pastry chef, and a Sur la Table cooking instructor. She’d planned to teach food history and culture to chefs-in-training, but culinary schools weren’t interested.

A Craigslist ad led her to the Center for Culinary Development in San Francisco (now CCD Innovation in Emeryville, Calif.), where she was hired as a trend research analyst. The company, founded by Marc Halperin (CFA’78), helps food and beverage businesses create, develop, and refine products.

Nielsen was vice president of trend innovation until last fall; she’s now an independent consultant.

Kara Nielsen (MET’06) samples coffee drinks and the red velvet waffle at SPRO, a coffee truck in a San Francisco food truck park. Photo courtesy of Kara Nielsen

Her research takes her to farmers markets, food expos, and food trucks. She scours market forecasts and analyzes the values that motivate consumers to choose an Impossible—meatless—burger over a T-bone.

This bottom-up approach is relatively new—until a few decades ago, giant food manufacturers developed and promoted products to consumers. Today, food trends flare locally, go viral on social media, and are then embraced by major companies.

Wasabi, which debuted in the 1990s as sushi’s pungent sidekick, has become a Lay’s potato chip flavor. “It’s truly American now,” Nielsen says. “Once your mom knows what it is, it’s part of the cultural landscape.”

As food choices have ballooned, staying a step ahead has become more challenging. A typical supermarket carries as many as 50,000 items, a fivefold increase over just a few decades ago.

Shoppers are bombarded by products that are nut-free, kosher, whole-grain, organic, GMO-free, vegan, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, sustainably harvested, grass-fed, and free of artificial colors and flavors.

“It’s a tough time to be a consumer,” Nielsen says.

But she is ready to help. Nielsen will sample pretty much anything, even “Dracula’s Blood Pudding,” a seasonal scoop from West Coast ice cream shop Salt & Straw that gets its metallic tang from pig’s blood. “There’s always room for novelty in America,” she says.

“But there’s a reason why they don’t have that all the time. You push yourself a little bit and then you’re , ‘OK, I survived.’” In the end, she says, the seasonal flavor she s best hewed to Halloween tradition—“the one that had a bunch of candy in it.

That’s the one I finished.”

Food trendologist Kara Nielsen predicts what will land on our plates in the months ahead, and what’s fallen favor. (That means you, kale.) 

Read More

Syrian cuisine: Our ongoing love affair with Middle Eastern foods—hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabbouleh—will expand to embrace Syrian staples prepared by refugees and immigrants: spices sumac and za’atar, a spice blend; manaeesh flatbread, often topped with za’atar; kibbeh, a ground meat and bulgur fritter; muhammara, a red pepper–walnut dip; and knafeh, a dessert of filo dough, sweet cheese, orange flower water syrup, and pistachios. Cities as diverse as Memphis, Denver, Toronto, and Lancaster, Pa., have Syrian restaurants. 

The “candification” of fruit: The produce aisle will showcase fruits, such as new grape varieties Cotton Candy and Grape Soda, that take taste and sweetness to new levels. The Cosmic Crisp apple, which was expected to debut in late 2019, promises an irresistible combination of “taste, texture, and usability.” It even has its own website.

Vegan treats: Just how appealing are cookies, cakes, brittles, and other goodies that lack eggs, honey, and dairy? Pretty delicious, judging from the slew of baked nibbles, mixes, and frozen desserts vying for attention. Manufacturers tap oatmeal, nuts, dried fruits, or sweet potato to add flavor and texture.

Past their prime

Pumpkin spice: Lattes. Muffins. Cheerios. Yogurt. M&Ms. Triscuits. Food companies pumped out so many variations on this one-note theme that it wore out consumers’ palates.

Activated charcoal: Activated charcoal was the new black a few years ago, as ebony waffles, ice cream, bagels, and even pizza took social media by storm. Touted for its alleged detoxification powers, activated charcoal also has some potentially troublesome health effects. Its moment has gone up in smoke.

Kale: This cruciferous superfood snuck into fruit smoothies and masqueraded as a tasty, crispy snack. Despite packing a punch of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and  K, kale devolved into a punchline. The fact that its leathery leaves needed an oil massage to be edible didn’t help its cause.


The Australian Superfood Co on The Trend Spotter – The Australian Superfood Co

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - The Trend Spotter

When buying a gift for a lady, you can never go wrong with a candle. They smell great, make houses feel homely and create a wonderful ambience for nights spent in. The only issue with gifting a regular candle is that it can often feel impersonal and generic.

To turn a simple gift into something much more thoughtful, buy the lady in your life a Damselfly candle this Christmas. Far from generic, these quirky candles feature humorous and happy quotes that are sure to make her smile.

Choose one that you know she’ll love and it’ll be guaranteed to bring her joy every time she lights it up. BUY

2. Trendy Basics

When shopping for a fashion lover, there’s often no better present than the perfect piece of clothing. This year, the ultimate garment gift lies in choosing trendy basics.

Minimalist, classic pieces with maximum impact hit the style sweet spot for 2017, so choose from clean designs with oversized trims and details to really nail this gift idea. By heading to Aus. Fashion Labels you’ll be able to find the best contemporary fashion and affordable luxury apparel to give your fashionista this Christmas.

Featuring brands, such as Finders, C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, The Fifth, and Jaggar Footwear, this is your one-stop shop for buying the most stylish gifts with ease. BUY

3. Statement Jewellery

For the fashion-forward lady in your life, statement jewellery can be a winning gift. Something unique, outspoken and seriously stylish will have her impressed with your gift-giving abilities and touched by your thoughtfulness.

To ensure you don’t miss the mark and accidentally buy something she’d never wear, stick to brands with plenty of style cred. Kitte Accoutrement is a fail-safe label to shop with nothing but gorgeous accessories. Choose from a fantastic range of pieces, including theatrical charm necklaces and unique lapel pins.

The brand’s detailed designs are no doubt what your lady is lusting after this festive season. BUY

4. Coach Bags

Bags are a staple item for every women’s wardrobe and nobody does bags Coach does. This Christmas, give your lady the gift of luxury and style with a brand-new Coach bag for her to cherish. No matter how many bags she has already, she’s guaranteed to love this new one more.

From cool backpacks and sophisticated office totes to chic crossbody bags and perfect going-out clutches, Coach has a bag to meet every woman’s needs. As for her tastes, choose between futuristic silver designs, pretty floral applique, and sleek crocodile-embossed leather, to find her perfect match.

Still not sure what she’ll ? Check out Coach’s new arrivals for all the latest looks in leather accessories. BUY

5. Spa and Wellness Gift Card

If your lady’s been working hard all year, treat her to a little relaxation and rejuvenation this Christmas. By purchasing a Spa and Wellness gift card, you’ll be able to gift her this wonderful indulgence without restricting how she experiences it.

With this thoughtful present, she’ll be able to choose from countless spa, relaxation, beauty, hair, and health experiences to recharge her batteries exactly how she wants to. Whether she’s after a hot stone massage, facial, haircut, or looking to attend a yoga class, she’ll be able to do it all with this helpful little gift.

So, there’s no need to be a mind reader this year, just give her the gift of choice. BUY

6. Dior Makeup Gift Selection

You can be sure a gift is perfect for the holidays when it’s specifically created for the season. Dior’s 2016 holiday makeup collection has been dubbed Splendor and is the ideal gift for ladies who have it all. This lavish collection of cosmetics is filled with all the opulence and magic of both Christmas and couture.

Inspired by the sparkle of sequins and the legendary craftsmanship of the Dior fashion workshops, the collection features makeup essentials with dialled-up glamour. From smokey eye palettes and rich red lip colours to illuminating powders and shimmering nail polishes, this collection has everything your lady needs to get into the festive mood.


7. Mon Purse

The most special of gifts are the ones that are tailored to their recipient. What better way to show how much know and love someone than with a gift that’s personal to them? Mon Purse specialise in creating personalised and bespoke bags and leather goods, making it the perfect label to shop for special gifts.

With the brand’s innovative business, you can buy any stylish lady a quality, European-made bag that is uniquely her own. Choose from a variety of chic designs and have one monogrammed with her initials for the perfect individual touch.

Alternatively, try your hand at design, adjusting colours and textures to suit her style, or buy her a voucher so she can do so herself. BUY

8. Thankyou. Gift Packs

A Thankyou. gift pack will not only make the holidays brighter for its recipient, but it will also make the world brighter. This much-loved brand has become a favourite for both its top-notch products and its generous heart.

With 100% of product profits going toward ending global poverty, this gift is one everyone can feel extra good about. As for what the lady receiving this gift will personality get it, she won’t be disappointed.

From hand wash, lotions, creams, and body scrubs to sparkling water, protein clusters and copies of the best-selling book, Chapter One, these packs have something every lady will love. BUY

9. Kerrie Hess Phone Cases and Prints

To find the perfect gift for a lady who has it all, you sometimes need to think outside the box. When she already has everything she needs, only something unique and truly special will be able to impress her. A Kerrie Hess phone case or print is sure to do just that.

Featuring Hess’s gorgeous fashion illustrations and works of art, these pieces will brighten up your lady’s home or phone with a decorative flare. It’ll also be sure to put her amongst good company as Hess has previously designed for brands such as Chanel, Vogue, Lancome, and Kate Spade New York.

Choose between prints such “Paris en Rose”, “London Love” and “Marilyn Classique” to spread some stylish cheer these holidays. BUY

10. Australian Superfoods

Why buy a conventional gift that your recipient will when you can get her something unconventional that she’ll love? For the health lover in your life, The Australian Superfood Co. is a fantastic place to shop for gifts.

The brand’s special range of food products is richly infused with the powerful superfoods of the Australian native bush. Providing good nutrition, the brand’s products are perfect for ladies who take care of their health.

Choose from delicious paleo granolas, superfood powders, air-dried fruits, and raw bars, or create the ultimate gift basket featuring all the above. BUY

11. Unusual Experiences

When possessions just aren’t up to the job, opt for an unusual experience instead. By gifting an experience instead of a traditional item, you’ll be gifting her a great time and a wonderful new memory.

Red Balloon is the leader in providing experiences and has countless events and activities to suit every woman’s interests.

Choose between a range of unique experiences, such as a vintage bike ride and picnic, a Gold Class cinema experience, a trip to the hot springs and breakfast, a colonial tramcar restaurant dinner, luxury rooftop glamping, and so much more. BUY

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